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Every artist has one subject that when seen will immediately remind the viewer of that particular artist. For example: Dancers = Degas, Fruit = Cezanne, Landscapes = Homer. And now, Exotic Birds = Hunt Slonem.

Slonem's exotic birds are, in fact, his -- he raises and shares his NYC loft apartment with them. Since the 1980's, Slonem has used his birds as his dominate focus in his paintings. Through the use of rich, bright compositions, Slonem creates not only a source of visual pleasure, but of spiritual serenity. His belief that the natural world is a connector to the spiritual is truly transcended to us through each stroke of the paintbrush. Slonem's works have exhibited in museums around the world including The Metropolitan Museums of Art in New York and Manila Philippines, Miro Foundation, Spain, Pulitzer Collection, Amsterdam, Holland, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC, and Soloman Guggenheim Museum, NY, as well as numerous other private and public collections.


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Public and Private Collections

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The Web Gallery NYC

  • Whitney Museum, NY
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
  • Vero Beach Museum of Art, FL
  • Miro Foundation, Spain
  • Mita Corporation, NJ
  • New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY
  • New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA
  • New York Academy of Art, New York City, NY
  • Pulitzer Collection, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
  • Solomon Guggenheim Museum, NY
  • The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Le Musee d'Art Haitian, Port au Prince, Haiti
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manila Philippines
  • Numerous Private, Museum and Corporate
  • Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN
  • Hudson River Museum, NY
  • Stamford Museum and Nature Center, Stamford, CT
  • Virginia Museum Fine Art, Richmond, VA
  • Wurth Museum, Kunzelsau, Germany
  • Art Museum of West Virginia, VA
  • Bass Museum, FL
  • Bowdoin Museum, ME
  • Columbus Museum of Art, OH
  • Danville Museum, VA
  • Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, MO
  • Everson Museum of Art, NY
  • Housatonic Museum, CT
  • The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, MO
  • Mississippi Museum of Art, MI
  • Museum of Fine Art, TX
  • Museum of Fine Art, FL
  • Orlando Museum of Art, FL
  • Ogdon Museum of Southern Art, LA
  • Oklahoma City Art Museum, OK
  • Portland Museum of Art, OR
  • Queens Museum of Art, NY
  •  Stamford Museum and Nature Center, CT
  • Tennessee State Museum, TN

Kittery, ME, 1951
Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME
Tulane University, New Orleans, BA
"New Narrative Painting from the Metropolitan Museum Collection", Museo Tomato, Mexico City, Mexico

Held one person exhibition. Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena, San Juan, PR
"Narrative Painting Since 1980, from the Metropolitan Museum Collection," Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, Ariz.

Held one person exhibition. Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick, ME
"Realism & Abstraction," Newark Museum, Newark, NJ
"Group Show", Stamford Museum, Stamford, CT

Held one person exhibition. Academia & Museo Diocesano Di Sant'Appollonia, Venice, Italy
"Group Show", Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii

Held one person exhibition. Pulitzer Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland
Held one person exhibition. Bergen Museum of Art & Science, Paramus, NJ
"Recent Acquisitions on Permanent Installation", Roanoke Museum of Fine Arts, Roanoke, VA

"Expressive Drawings, European & American Art Through the Twentieth Century", The New York 
"S.A.F.E Portfolio", Leo Castelli Gallery, NY
"S.A.F.E Portfolio", Brooke Alexander Gallery, NY
Held one person exhibition. Roanoke Museum of Fine Arts, Roanoke, VA (Catalogue essay "In the Realm of the Spirit," Ruth Applehoff Stevenson)
'S.A.F.E Portfolio", the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
Held one person exhibition. Helander Gallery, NY
Held one person exhibition. Zoologisch Museum, Amsterdam, Holland
"Recent Acquisitions", Colby Museum, Waterville, ME
Held one person exhibitions. Galeria Greca, Barcelona, Spain & Musee d'Art Haitian, Port- Au-Prince, Haiti
Held one person exhibition. Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN
Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville, ME
Tennessee State Museum, Nashville, TN 
Metropolitan Museum of Art, Manila Philippines
Marlborough Gallery, NY
Hudson River Museum, New York, NY

hunt slonem 10x8_o_w_0107.jpg (20563 bytes)
Untitled #1
hunt slonem 10x8_o_w_0507.jpg (23506 bytes)
Untitled #2
hunt slonem 10x8_o_w_01107.jpg (29086 bytes)
Untitled # 3
hunt slonem 06114 40x30_oc_T001.jpg (35874 bytes)
Untitled # 4
hunt slonem 06115 40x30_060_ow_P707.jpg (28477 bytes)
Untitled #5
hunt slonem 10x8_o_w_01307.jpg (28591 bytes)
Untitled #6
hunt slonem 061022_36x36_oc.jpg (39556 bytes)
Untitled #7
hunt slonem 10x8_o_w_0207.jpg (26665 bytes)
Untitled # 8
hunt slonem 061146_30x40_oc.jpg (28405 bytes)
Untitled # 9
hunt slonem 40x30_o_w_01607.jpg (19032 bytes)
Untitled # 10
hunt slonem 061149_30x40_oc.jpg (25673 bytes)
Untitled # 11
hunt slonem 40x30_oc_0507.jpg (27145 bytes)
Untitled # 12
hunt slonem 40x30_oc_05071.jpg (28814 bytes)
Untitled # 13
hunt slonem P0635_30x40_oc.jpg (64141 bytes)
Untitled # 14
hunt slonem 061018_48x48_oc.jpg (37875 bytes)
Untitled # 15
hunt slonem 40x30_oc_05073.jpg (27487 bytes)
Untitled # 16
hunt slonem_10x8_o_w_0307.jpg (22969 bytes)
Untitled # 17
hunt slonem 40x30_oc_05075.jpg (23858 bytes)
Untitled # 18
hunt slonem 10x8_o_w_0707.jpg (31150 bytes)
Untitled # 19
hunt slonem 10x8_o_w_0607.jpg (17101 bytes)
Untitled # 20
hunt slonem 40x30_oc_05074.jpg (26389 bytes)
Untitled # 21
hunt slonem 14x12_o_w_01807.jpg (11227 bytes)
Untitled # 22
hunt slonem 060051_61x45_oc.jpg (45147 bytes)
Untitled # 23
hunt slonem 060056_47x59_oc.jpg (71724 bytes)
Untitled # 24
hunt slonem 060062_51x59_oc.jpg (50248 bytes)
Untitled # 25
hunt slonem 060069_40x30_oc.jpg (69753 bytes)
Untitled # 26
hunt slonem 060052_51x59_oc.jpg (49606 bytes)
Untitled # 27
hunt slonem 40x30_oc_05076.jpg (24252 bytes)
Untitled # 28

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